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Retired Pieces

Genaeral Village Acc.

  Product Price
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  Dept.56 1988 Collectors Book "PICTURE" $25
  Dept.56 1989 Collectors Book "PICTURE" $25
  Dept.56 Villages 2010 Village D-Tails Collectors Guide "PICTURE" $25
  Dept.56 Villages 2008 Village D-Tails Collectors Guide "PICTURE" $15
  Dept. 56 Villages 2003 Greenbook"PICTURE" $8
  Display Mania Village Creation"PICTURE" $35
  3 Socket Light Set 120 volt(52835)"PICTURE" $15
  6 Socket Light Set 120 volt(99279)"PICTURE" $25
  20 Socket Light Set 120 volt(99278)"PICTURE" sold out
  4TH OF July Decorating (Set/5 53024) "PICTURE" $158
  Animated A New Bike For Christmas (53409) "PICTURE" $110
  Animated All Around The Park (52477) "PICTURE" sold out
  Animated Photo With Santa Village (Set/10 52790) "PICTURE" sold out
  Animated Santa Land Train Ride (5340) "PICTURE" $120
  Animated Skating Pond (52299) "PICTURE" sold out
  Autumn Landscape Set(53138)"PICTURE" sold out
  Autumn Maple/Birch Tree (52655)"PICTURE" sold out
  Bald Eagle Nesting (52972)"PICTURE" $97
  Baseball Diamond 59444"PICTURE" $42
  Bears In The Birch 52743"PICTURE" $58
  Bicycle & Tricycle"PICTURE" $32
  Birch Cluster"PICTURE" sold out
  Birds Out Back (52866)"PICTURE" $48
  Brick Road"PICTURE" $15
  Cats & Dogs Set/6 (52828)"PICTURE" $17
  Camden Park Square (52687)"PICTURE" $175
  Celebration Tree 2000"PICTURE" $160
  Chain Link Fence Extention Set/4 (52353)"PICTURE" $37
  Chain Link Fence & Gate Set/3 (52343)"PICTURE" $45
  Christmas Band (53310) PICTURE $44
  Christmas Bells Event Piece (98711) "PICTURE" $49
  Christmas Carolers (58631) "PICTURE" $65
  Christmas Eav Trim "PICTURE" $7
  Christmas Luminaries "PICTURE" sold out
  Christmas Front Yard (53318) "PICTURE" $128
  Christmas In The Forest (53178) "PICTURE" $42
  Churchyard Fence Extensions (58076)"PICTURE" $28
  Churchyard Fence & Gate 55638"PICTURE" $45
  City Trolly 53054"PICTURE" $145
  City ZoologicaL Garden (S/758978) "PICTURE" sold out
  Classic Village Square (53405) "PICTURE" $142
  Cobblestone Road (59846) "PICTURE" $32
  Craggy Cliff Extension (52795)"PICTURE" sold out
  Craggy Cliff Platform (52794)"PICTURE" $146
  Craggy Oak Tree (52748)"PICTURE" sold out
  Create A Scene Village Platform (53093)"PICTURE" sold out
  Deer In The Woods (52953)"PICTURE" $60
  Dock House The"PICTURE" sold out
  Double Pine Trees (52619)"NO PICTURE" $34
  Downtown Tinsel Trim (809014)"NO PICTURE" $26
  Easter Decorating Set (53021) "No PICTURE" $98
  Election Yard Signs (52953)"PICTURE" $48
  Elegant Christmas Topiaries"PICTURE" $35
  Evergreen Trees (S/3 52051)"PICTURE" $59
  Family Winter Outing"PICTURE" $38
  Festive Front Yard (52501)"PICTURE" sold out
  Fieldstone Entry Gate (52718)"PICTURE" $16
  Fieldstone Fireplace (53010)"PICTURE" $38
  Fieldstone Footbridge (52827)"PICTURE" $98
  Fieldstone Stairway (52826)"PICTURE" $44
  Fieldstone Wall Set/6 (52717)"PICTURE" $60
  Fieldstone Wall And Apple Tree (52768)"PICTURE" $90
  Fire Works Fiber Optic (52727)"PICTURE" $148
  Fishing At Trout Lake"PICTURE" $98
  Flexible Sisal Hedge Set/3 small (52596 "PICTURE") $30
  Flexible Sisal Hedge Set/3 Large (52662 "PICTURE") $40
  Foxes In The Forest (52744)"PICTURE" $65
  Fresh Flower Cart (53106) "PICTURE" $50
  Frosted Fountain (52831)"PICTURE" sold out
  Frosted Topiary Set/4 (52019)"PICTURE" $20
  Frosted Topiary Set/8(52035)"PICTURE" $14
  Frosty Light Trees (52844)"PICTURE" sold out
  Frosty Light Sprays (52682)"PICTURE" $24
  Frosty Metal Picket Fence (51012)"PICTURE" sold out
  Garland and Bows (810842)"NO PICTURE" $26
  Go Fly A Kite"PICTURE" $68
  Good Fishing "PICTURE and Video" $138
  Good Year Blimp Look It's The (52501) "PICTURE" $110
  Harvest Bounty (53108)"PICTURE" $78
  Harvest Feast (53045)"PICTURE" $93
  Hear Ye, Hear Ye (55523) "PICTURE" $18
  Hemlock Trees (52638) "PICTURE" sold out
  Here Fishy Fishy Ice House (52937)"PICTURE" $188
  Heritage Promotional Sign (99538)"PICTURE" $5
  Heritage Village Snowman Sign ()"PICTURE" $10
  Holly and Ivy (56100)"PICTURE" $16
  Holly Split Rail Fence w/Children"PICTURE" $32
  Holly Tree (52630)"PICTURE" sold out
  Ice Man Waiteth (53181)"PICTURE" $45
  International Flags (4024847)"PICTURE" $8
  It's A Grand old Flag (54178)"PICTURE" sold out
  Jingle Bell Sound Scene (53325)"PICTURE" $98
  Lamp Post Fence Extension,SV"PICTURE" $14
  Let It Snow Snowman Sign 52594"No PICTURE" sold out
  Lighted Fresh Frost Trees"PICTURE" sold out
  Lighted Street Boulevard (53137)"PICTURE" $30
  Long May She Wave (4020248) "PICTURE" $8
  Lookout Tower "PICTURE" $26
  Majestic Woodlands Birds (52814) "PICTURE" $43
  Mill Creek Bridge"PICTURE" $58
  Mill Creek Campsite (52894)"PICTURE" $120
  Mill Creek Crossing (56223)"No PICTURE" sold out
  Mill Creek Curved Section (52634) "PICTURE" $77
  Mill Creek Park Bench (52654) PICTURE" $36
  Mill Creek Pond (52651)"PICTURE" $88
  Mill Creek Straight Section (52633)"PICTURE" $65
  Mill Creek Wooden Bridge (52653)"PICTURE" $78
  Mill Falls Working Water Fall (52503)"PICTURE" $265
  Moose In The Marsh (52742)"PICTURE" $86
  Mountian Lion's Den (52864)"PICTURE" $49
  Mountain Med With Trees(52272)"PICTURE" sold out
  Mountain Small With Trees(52264)"PICTURE" sold out
  Mountain Centerpiece (52643)"NO PICTURE" $58
  Mountain Creek Bear/Moose"PICTURE" $78
  Mountain Creek Curved Section "PICTURE" sold out
  Mountain Creek Straight Section "PICTURE" $110
  Mountain Creek Waterfall"PICTURE" sold out
  Nativitu Creche (52822)"PICTURE" sold out
  New Bike For Christmas (53409) "PICTURE" $138
  Old World Street Lamps (St/4 55034) "PICTURE" $24
  One Horse Open Sleigh (59820) "PICTURE" $28
  Ornate Street Lamps (53507) "PICTURE" sold out
  Our Own Village Park Bench (02211) "PICTURE" $28
  Painting Our Own Village Sign"PICTURE" $28
  Park Bench-Metal"PICTURE" $10
  Parking Meters Village (802461)"PICTURE" $14
  Pequot Pines Small S/3 (52818)"PICTURE" sold out
  Pequot Pines X-Large (52819)"PICTURE" sold out
  Picket Fence (52078)"PICTURE" $17
  Pine Cone Path (52874)"PICTURE" $22
  Pine Point Pond "PICTURE" $88
  Pinewood Trees Large (56924)"PICTURE" sold out
  Pinewood Trees Small (56925)"PICTURE" sold out
  Pink Flamingos "PICTURE" $20
  Poinsettias Delivery Truck (59000)"PICTURE" $28
  Porclain Pine Trees Village (set/2 65374) "PICTURE" sold out
  Porclain Pine Trees Vjllage (set/4 59001) "PICTURE" sold out
  Putting Green & Flags"PICTURE" $85
  Rail Road Lamps (52760)"PICTURE" $28
  Rocky Mt Wildlife Bear & Bob Cat (53047)"PICTURE" $69
  Santa's Sleigh (58603)"PICTURE" $165
  Scotch Pines (53612)"PICTURE" sold out
  She Shoots, She Scores (809016)"NO PICTURE" $24
  Sled & Skis"PICTURE" $22
  Smokehouse Incense Burner"PICTURE" sold out
  Snowboards Elves (810825) "NO PICTURE" $18
  Snow Children "PICTURE" $45
  Snowy Evergreen Trees Large (52614) "PICTURE" sold out
  Snowy Evergreen Trees Medium (52613)"PICTURE" sold out
  Snowy Evergreen Trees Small (52612) "PICTURE" $46
  Snowy Landscape Set "PICTURE" $48
  Snowy Scotch Pines "PICTURE" $34
  Spring Is Eveywhere (53109)"PICTURE" sold out
  St Pactricks Day Decorating Set (53022)"PICTURE" $58
  Stadium Lights (53845)"PICTURE" sold out
  Stars & Stripes Forever"PICTURE" $68
  Stone Bridge (65463) "PICTURE" $28
  Stone Footbridge "PICTURE" $32
  Stone Holly Tree & Corner Posts(52649) "PICTURE" 28
  Stone Holly Tree & Corner Posts & Arch (52648)"NO PICTURE" sold out
  Stone Stairrway (52725)"PICTURE" $65
  String of 12 Bow Lights (810833)"PICTURE" $28
  String of 12 Christmas Candy Lights Lights (53187)"PICTURE" $24
  String of 12 Santa Lights (53123)"PICTURE" $22
  String of 20 Mini Brite Lites (52450)"PICTURE" $25
  String of Chasing Lights (4020256)"PICTURE" $17
  Swinging Under The Old Oak Tree"PICTURE" sold out
  Tall Stone Wall (52825)"NO PICTURE" Sold Out
  Telephone Poles (52656)"PICTURE" sold out
  Ten Lights Set/42""PICTURE" $12
  Thoroughbreds (52747)"PICTURE" $60
  Towering Pines (52623)"PICTURE" sold out
  Town Square Gazebo (55131) "PICTURE" $34
  Traffic Lights (55131) "NO PICTURE" $48
  Trout Stream (52653)"PICTURE" $76
  Turkeys Geese In The Field"PICTURE" sold out
  Twinkling Tips Tree( 52781)"PICTURE" Sold Out
  Up In The Apple Tree"PICTURE" $40
  Up-Up & Away (52593)"PICTURE" $178
  Urban Landscape (53197)"PICTURE" $62
  Up In The Roof TopF (51390)"PICTURE" $10
  Up Up & Away (52593)"NO PICTURE" $178
  Utility Accessories 55123"PICTURE" $39
  Valentines Decorating Set (53020)"PICTURE" $34
  Victorian Wrought Iron Fence Extensions (52531)"PICTURE" sold out
  Victorian Wrought Iron Fence/Gate (52523)"PICTURE" $65
  Village Express Electric Train Set (52710)"PICTURE" sold out
  Village Fiber Optic Trees "PICTURE" sold out
  Village Flea Market"PICTURE" $78
  Village Front Yard (4020243)"PICTURE" $45
  Village Gazebo 52652"PICTURE" $26
  Village Junkyard"PICTURE" $98
  Village Monuments (55524)"PICTURE" $35
  Village Scooters 810820"PICTURE" $56
  Village Optic Trees (52888)"PICTURE" sold out
  Village Sign and Bench (52882)"PICTURE" $29
  Village Sound Tape (55255)"PICTURE" $15
  Village Spot Lights (52611)"PICTURE" $30
  Village Square Snowman (58638)"PICTURE" $52
  Village Square Town Tree (58644)"PICTURE" sold out
  Village Train Trestle (59811)"PICTURE" $42
  Visting Santa (402243)"PICTURE" $65
  Wagon Wheel Pine Grove (52617)"PICTURE" $48
  Watching For Ducks (52983)"PICTURE" $56
  Weatheranes Set/5 (52659) "PICTURE" sold out
  Weestmister Lights (4020256) "PICTURE" $22
  White Picket Fence (51012) "PICTURE") sold out
  Willow Tree (4020264) "PICTURE") $17
  Winter Green Pines Set/2(52661)"PICTURE" sold out
  Winter Birch Tree "PICTURE" sold out
  Winter Pine Trees With Pine Cones (52772) "PICTURE" sold out
  Wolves In The Woods (52765)"PICTURE" $78
  Wooden Canoes "PICTURE" $42
  Wooden Pier"PICTURE" $40
  Wooden Rowboats (52797)"PICTURE" $30
  Woodland Animals At Cilffs Edge (52816)"PICTURE" $118
  Woodland Animals At Mill Creek (52720)"PICTURE" $88
  Woodland Wildllife Animal Large (52813)"PICTURE" $74
  Woodland Wildllife Animal Small (55525)"PICTURE" $68
  Woodshed & Chopping Block(52895)"PICTURE" $68
  Wrought Iron Gate & Fence (55140) "PICTURE" $38
  Wrought Iron Fence Extensions (55158) "PICTURE" sold out
  Wrought Iron Fence 59994"PICTURE" $15
  Year Round Lighted Lawn Ornaments (53125)"PICTURE" $48
  Dept. 56 Christmas Carol Collectible Plates"PICTURE"
  1st Year Dickens 10" Plate 58061"PICTURE" $24
  "> 2nd Year Dickens 10" Plate 57215"No PICTURE" $40
  3rd Year Dickens 10" Plate 57223"PICTURE" $76
  4TH Year Dickens 10" Plate 5723"PICTURE" $76

Last Updated 11/14/2014