"Caravansary Rooms At The Inn"
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- "Caravansary Rooms At The Inn" Dept. 56 Little Town Of Bethlehem series Item #59807. Set of 3 includes building and 2 figures. Introduced 2001 and retired 2003. A Caravansary was a type of inn used by travelers during the time of Jesus. They existed just outside cities such as Bethlehem which lie on major trade routes. Huge stone walls surrounded an open courtyard and drinking well. For a fee, private rooms could be rented above the stable areas, however, most travelers most likely shared the courtyard with their animals. When an event, such as the census, drew large crowds to a city, caravansaries would have been filled leaving "no room at the Inn". Mint condition piece in original box & sleeve. Size: 10.25" x 5.25" x 6.75".

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