"House Of The Last Supper"
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- "House Of The Last Supper" Dept. 56 Little Town Of Bethlehem set of 2, Item #59809. Introduced 2001 and retired 2004. Mint condition piece in original box & sleeve. It is believed that Jesus and his disciples celebrated Passover at the house of Joseph of Arimathea, a wealthy member of the high council who was a secret follower of Jesus. This "Last Supper" took place in the Coenaculum or "Upper Room" of the house that is located on the summit of Mount Zion. To help tell the Story of what took place inside, we've added a relief sculpture inspired by the event of Jesus at the Last Supper with the twelve apostles. Size: 7.75" x 7" x 7", 4.5" x 3".

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