"Innkeeper's Caravansary"
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- "Innkeeper's Caravansary" Dept. 56 Little Town Of Bethlehem series Item #59795. Introduced 1999 and retired 2003. This two-story inn accomodates weary travelers as they stop for the night. Since the time of King David, a caravansary, or inn, existed near Bethlehem. It was on the main route between Jerusalem and Egypt, so it was a busy place. The caravansary provided travelers in large groups, or caravans, with lodging and protection by its solid stone wall structure. The main entrance led to a spacious courtyard that contained a well. Many patrons shared this courtyard with their livestock, but those who could afford it made use of the animal stalls and the small private rooms above them which lined the inside of the wall. Though Joseph and Mary were not able to stay at the bustling inn, they found instead a quiet and secluded stable. Mint condition piece in original box & sleeve. Size: 9.5" x 6" x 6.25".

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