"Lady Liberty" with Scroll

- "Lady Liberty" American Pride Collection. Dept. 56 Item #57714. Introduced 2002 and retired 2003. Mint condition piece in original box & sleeve. This beautiful bronze finish statue is 16 inches tall and weighs a heavy 5 1/2 pounds including the 1/2 inch thick marble base. The Statue of Liberty, or "Liberty Enlightening the World" as it is officially titled, is one of America's most famous symbols for freedom. Located on Liberty Island at New York Harbor, this gift from France honors the first centennial of the United States. There are 25 windows in the crown, symbolizing 25 gemstones found on the earth. The seven rays of Lady Liberty's crown represent the seven seas and continents of the world. The tablet which the statue holds in her left hand reads (in Roman numerals) "July 4th, 1776." You can read the scroll that is included with the statue by clicking on: Lady Liberty Scroll

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