"Hansel & Gretel's Sweets Shop"
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"Hansel & Gretel's Sweets Shop" Dept. 56 Storybook Village Set of 4, Item #13210 Mint condition in original box & sleeve. Includes cord & light with switch. size 7" x 5.5" x 6.5".

When Hansel and Gretel were lost in the wood,
They stumbled on a little house that really tasted good.

Then a wicked old witch lured them in,
She wanted to eat Hansel but he was too thin.

Thatís no way to treat a guest, the children said.
Letís turn your talents to baking bread.

And making candy, pies and tarts
Pink iced cookies shaped like hearts.

The witch wasnít that fond of veggies and meats.
What she liked the most was sugar packed treats.

It was such a good ides. She was so grateful.
Right on the spot she quit being hateful.

She turned the place into a sweet shop.
Put up a sign with the kids name on top.

She threw away her frying pan, roaster and baster.
Gave the shop to the children and became their chief taster.

The place was filled with wondrous smells,
And lots of childish laughter.
And the witch and Hansel and Gretel
All lived happily ever after.

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