"Here Comes Santa Claus"
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"Here Comes Santa Claus" Dept. 56 Storybook Village Item #13249 Mint condition in original box & sleeve. Includes cord & light with switch. Size 12" x 5" x 10".

“Here comes Santa Claus.,” whispered the boys.
“Don’t let him see us! Don’t make any noise!”

“Can you believe it? At last he’s here!
With enough pretty presents to last a whole year!”

“There are balls and books, a horn and games.
Dollies and drums and sweet candy canes!”

While Santa is busy unpacking his sack,
He hears giggles and whispers out front or out back.

He walks to the window and looks all around
But now he hears nothing no murmur…no sound.

He still puts his finger up to his lips;
This has happened before…on previous trips.

Some children, no doubt, too excited for bed,
Decided to spy and spotted his sled.

All of a siudden he looks up toward the skies…
On the roof peering back are four sparkling eyes.

Santa smiles at the children, whistles for his sleigh
And the reindeer swoop down to carry him away.

Two little sleepy heads watch from the roof.
The believed in magic and now they have proof.

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