"Raggety Ann & Andy's Patchwork House"
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- "Raggety Ann & Andy's Patchwork House" Dept. 56 Storybook Village Item #13207 set of 3. Lighted house using standard wall plug, girl with baskets & boy on bicycle. Mint condition in original box & sleeve.

- Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are two lovable good-hearted dolls. You can find them in story books and tucked into nursery nooks-Or waiting on beds for young sleepyheads who will come when the sandman calls. They've had many adventures together; their stories have often been told. But right from the start in her red candy heart Raggedy Ann knew what she wanted to do...Own a store with quilts galore and cozy things to be sold. For Raggedy Ann always liked knitting sewing and quilting so much. While Raggedy Andy could be very handy with carpentry, painting and such. So the two got together and decided they should put their skills to good use. And build a place to sell yarn and lace. With buttons and patches in bundles and batches in every color but puce. Their little shop is quite a success, the toys come from far and near. What they buy the most keeps them warm as toast. Carefully sewn and stuffed with down, you'll find a quilt for each bed in town. And the Raggedy's smile in their sweet rag doll style spreading warmth and kindness and cheer.

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