"Stillwater Collectibles & Antiques"
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- "Stillwater Collectibles & Antiques" Dept. 56 Snow Village -For some reason Dept56 assigned this house 2 item numbers and they are both printed on the box. Item #06430 & #55383. I believe it is because this house is considered part of the Snow Village collection #55383 and it is also part of their Giftware Line #06430. Introduced for 2006 only. This piece designed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary reflects the tradition of creative excellence that is Department 56. The creativity & detail has exceeded what Dept 56 could ever have imagined since the 1st SV piece in 1976. The idea of creating "The Original Snow Village" collection was first conceived in Stillwater, MN. This beautiful piece has an ornate sign, pearlesant balls on the 2nd floor roof, stairway, decks on the rear 1st floor and above the village exhibit window. Unique are 3 lanterns that actually light up on the front of the bulding as well as the included 3 lamp lampost that also lights up. The village display in the window has a lighted tiffany lamp overhead and each separate house has lights emitting from the windows which makes this house extremely unique. Mint condition piece in original box & dark sleeve.

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