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Retired Pieces

Special Buildings & Items

For All Villages

  Product Price
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  Dept.56 Villages 2010 Village D-Tails Collectors Guide "PICTURE" $25
  Dept.56 Villages 2008 Village D-Tails Collectors Guide "PICTURE" $15
  Dept. 56 Villages 2003 Greenbook"PICTURE" $8
  Bachman's Flower Shop (08802) "NO PICTURE" sold out
  Bachman's Greenhouse (02203) "NO PICTURE" $208.00
  Bachman's Here Comes Santa (07744) "PICTURE" $58.00
  Bachman's Homestead Original 1885 (LE.7'500 02255) "NO PICTURE" $125.00
  Bachman's Hometown Series Boarding House By Sprague House Red-Wing, Mn.(Torn Sleeve 1987-06700) $205.00
  Bachman's Hometown Series Church (St. Paul Mn. Church 1987-06718) "No PICTURE" $305.00
  Bachman's Hometown Series Drugstore (1988=06726) "No PICTURE" sold out
  Bachman's Say It With Flowars (02204) "NO PICTURE" $68.00
  Bachmans Squash Cart (1995 0753-6) "PICTURE" $65.00
  Bachmans Tending The Cold Frame "PICTURE" $34.00
  Bachmans Wilcox Truck (08803) "PICTURE" $35.00
  Bronner's Original Store With His Biography Book(06277) "PICTURE" $185.00
  Broughton Christmas Here Comes Santa (07748) "NO PICTURE" $57v
  Canadian Pub (58716) "NO PICTURE" sold out
  "Church Of The World"
  Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris (Church's Of The World 57601)"PICTURE" sold out
  ST. Paul's Cathedral, London (Church's Of The World 57603)"PICTURE" sold out
  ST. Peter's Basilica, Rome (Church's Of The World 57602)"PICTURE" sold out
  Crystal Ice King And Queen (S/2 58976) "PICTURE" $68.00
  Crystal Ice Palace (S/9 58922) "PICTURE" $405.00
  Frangos Factory (Marshall Fields 06320)"NO PICTURE" $280.00
  Frangos Choco Shop (0630)"NO PICTURE" sold out
  Frangos For You And I (06301)"NO PICTURE" sold out
  Grinch-Cindy Lou Who's House "PICTURE" $255.00
  Grinch-Farfingle's Department Store "PICTURE" sold out
  Grinch-Musical Seigh ( 59035 ) "NO PICTURE" sold out
  Grinch Dr Suees Town Hall (59034)"PICTURE" $305.00
  Heinz Grocery (In A Square Box No #)"PICTURE" $80.00
  Heinz Hitch (02291) "NO PICTURE" sold out
  Heinz Horseradish Factory "PICTURE" sold out
  Heinz House (In A Rectangle Box No #)"PICTURE" $100.00
  Jack's Umbrella Shop NNC "PICTURE" $80.00
  Lionel Train Box Car) "No PICTURE" $107.00
  Lionel Water Tower (12958)"No PICTURE" $166.00
  Lord & Taylor Delivery wagon (7880) "No PICTURE" $168.00
  Lord & Taylor Flower Cart (2208)) "No PICTURE" $177.00
  Lord & Taylor Hot Air Balloon (02440) "No PICTURE" $188.00
  NCC Club House 1st Building "No PICTURE" $68.00
  NCC Ed the NCC Snowman "No PICTURE" $49.00
  NCC Traders Pins Shop (804011)"PICTURE" $56.00
  NCC Umbrella (Blue 02103) "PICTURE" $48.00
  NCC Umbrella (Green 02101) "PICTURE" $188.00
  NCC Umbrella (Red 02102) "PICTURE" $120.00
  NCC Umbrella (Yellow 02100) "NO PICTURE" $210.00
  NCC Umbrella (Silver 02104) "NO PICTURE" $164.00
  North Pole Father Christmas Journey (02244) "No PICTURE" $108.00
  Spam Museum (2003 06956) "PICTURE" $140.00
  State Farm Fire Station (#1 05709) "PICTURE" $235.00
  State Farm Ford "NO PICTURE" $48.00
  State Farm Main Street Memoeies) "PICTURE" $88.00
  Wells Fargo Historic Office (150 Annv.05930) "NO PICTURE" sold out

Last Updated 04/12/2017